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Sunday, 24 February 2008

The Preference of our Scholars

by Zahid Makda

Our respected Shaykh recently mentioned an incident full of wisdom from the lives of two of the greatest scholars of the recent era; Shaykh Hussain Ahmed Madani rahmatullahi alayh and Shaykh Ilyas rahmatullahi alayh.

These two great personalities were once invited to deliver lectures at the same time in nearby locations. On coming to know that Shaykh Ilyas was scheduled to lecture in a town nearby, Shaykh Hussain Ahmed mentioned to the audience that it would be of greater virtue and benefit if they were all to take part in the gathering of Shaykh Ilyas.

Thus all present in Shaykh Hussain Ahmed’s gathering departed to the new location. En route however they saw that a large group was coming towards them from the opposite direction. As the two groups got closer Shaykh Hussain Ahmed realised that the other party was led by none other than Shaykh Ilyas himself!

It soon became clear that this situation has developed because Shaykh Ilyas had addressed his gathering in the same manner as Shaykh Hussain Ahmed. As a result those who had gathered to listen to Shaykh Ilyas resolved to travel and listen to Shaykh Hussain Ahmed.

And as both groups met in the middle of their journey they all sat down at this mid point and benefited from not one but both of these renowned Ulamaa.

Our respected Shaykh then stated an important lesson to be learnt from this great episode. He said that:

“This incident teaches us that we should give preference to others. Remember, the one who humbles himself in front of others is in reality the greater one.

The problem nowadays is that each person thinks himself to be better and of greater virtue than the other; and this is where it all starts. All the enmity and jealousy that we see around us begins from this very mindset.”

Source: In Shaykh's Company (daamat barakaatuhum)

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