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Monday, 14 April 2008

The Other Path - The Path of Disobedience

Assalamu Alaykum,

I recommend all to listen to the bayans. Masha'Allah they're spritiual reformers and as they carry on from the previous day it really is a bonus. Alhamdulillah the numbers in the room are increasing.

I can do no justice to the bayan but insha'Allah just to share some of the the words of Moulana saheb.

A person can choose two paths. One is in the obedience of Allah Ta'ala, the other in the way of Shaytan. Yesterday Moulana Bilal saheb talked about the people of Jannah, and today he reminded us that a person will get mukammal itminaan after one has passed away.

Today Moulana saheb talked about the other tariqah.

If a person's ikhtiyar is in this tariqah, then bazahir he will feel itminan but... after some days he will really realise that his life is without barkat.

Depression, larayi, hasad, bugz, all these and many other illnesses will be in his life due to the path he did ikhtiyar of (he chose)...

He will not have itminan of his heart, he will have pareshaniya, dushmaniya...

Whoever chose the second path, he will have all these musibats in his life. No, but the asl musibat will start at the time of death.

Imam Qurtubi rahmatullahi'alayh, in one of his books he menions a story [unfortunately you will miss out from this beneficial story for the time being unless someone posts the story up, but insha'Allah will be able to listen to it once the audio is uploaded.]

Moulana saheb went on to say, if only these pareshanis finished at the time of death, but that's when they start.

At the time of his death the adhab wale farishte will come to him and say take out your jan and give it to us or we will do sakhti.

A man cannot take out his own soul.

They will take out the soul mar mar ke.

On the day of judgement the person will be aksed, where are the people that you did yaqeen on?

-Some people say don't pray Salah, don't give Zakah, don't fast, live how you want Allah Ta'ala will forgive you.

Allah Ta'ala says: Tumhare aur unke duri ki gayi he.

On the day of judgement a man will run away from fire. That aag will come after him and say where are you going? These are his gunahs that he did.


Rab chahi zindagi ka tariqah woh tariqah he jisme Allah Ta'ala razi hota he, nabi sallallahu'alayhiwassalam razi hota he... Spend it in life and not just at death.

But one Mujahadah

Tori si takhleef, is tareeqe ko ikhtiyaar karke, tori koi bardash karna hoga.

By choosing this path, a little bit of difficulties will need to be withstood.

As the english saying goes:

Long term gain, short term pain.

A person will have to take takleef for a little while.

Just like how a person will go university, leaving home. For a short while they will go throguh pareshaniya. Why does he go through this? This is because, whilst one becomes an englineer, another a doctor, and so on...

Lesson to learn from this: Choose the ghulami wali zindagia and insha'Allah we will taste Jannah how Allah Ta'ala has promised. Also, try to listen to the bayan live, insha'Allah you will benefit. May Allah Ta'ala grant Hadhrat Shaykh a lofty place in the hereafter. Ameen.

Any mistake in this is due to me. I ask all to point out any mistakes found in here. May Allah Ta'ala forgive me for my shortcomings. Ameen.


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